Worldwide Ayurveda Propagation

Japan Ayurveda

Japanese Students and Doctors regularly Visit Ayurved Sankul Anand to Learn Ayurveda

Healthy France

Our Specialized Ayurveda Classes, Training’s and Consultations in France

Ayurved Sankul Anand

The Campus of Ayurved Sankul Anand

Diet and Lifestyle Management

Get your own diet and lifestyle management Schedule after consulting with our Ayurveda Doctors and Even collaborate with us to arrange it at your institute or place in your own Country.

Ayurvedic Consultations

Get Ayurvedic Health Consultation from our Expert Ayurveda Physicians for all your health Problems- Online and can also arrange 1:1 personalized consultations at our institute or even at your country of residence.

Yoga Classes

Learn the real Ashtanga Yoga with the true essence of Spirituality with us. Arrange classes, lectures and yoga training’s at your place or Retreat.

Enlightnment. Health. Knowledge.

Other Services

Panchakarma Training

Learn Ayurveda Detoxification and Specialized treatments with us from our Expert Panchakarma Doctors

MASSAGE Training

Learn Ayurvedic Abhyanga Technique and excel in your Practice

Specialized Pain Relief and Marma Therapy

Learn the Ayurvedic Art of instant pain relief techniques and Marma Therapy

Ayurvedic Aesthetics and Beauty Courses

Get trained in Ayurvedic Aesthetics and Beauty Courses