Ayurved Sankul’s Activity’s

Lord Dhanwantari Temple

Ayurved Jyot- The Lamp of Ayurveda

Vanaushadhi Pradarshan and Pujan

Panchkarma Therapies

Festivals of Ayurved Sankul

Social Activities like Neem Swaras Vitran during Chitra Navratri, Dhanwantari Pujan during Dhanteras, Sharad Purnima Celebration and other indian festivals pertaining to health are celebrated at Ayurved Sankul, Anand

Regular CME’s and Conferences for Ayurveda Doctors

Some Facts

25 +

National and International Awards Collected

35 +

Years of Experience

100000’s of Satisfied & Healthy Patients

Highly Learned and Nobel Physicians and Doctors